Let The Tapering Begin!

Well this is unfamiliar territory for me! Two weeks of tapering… what’s that? Let’s just say my legs aren’t complaining!

In the last two weeks I’ve managed to get through the toughest running sessions of my training so far – a 34km run (longest distance to date wohoo!) and a 21km the following weekend. I’m not going to lie but the 34km run wasn’t easy – it was humid, my legs were tired, my feet hurt, and my mind was playing tricks on me. But like any other run, you find a way to get through it, regardless how bad your legs & feet are screaming!

Aside from the aching and tired legs, the most important thing is that my body recovered and pulled up… ok! The week following my 34km was tough – my legs weren’t feeling all that fresh so I took it easy and took a day off before the Saturday 21km. Ā It’s amazing how much a recovery day can help – lesson learnt!

The 21km last weekend was probably one of my most favourite runs so far – it was a stunning Perth morning, the winds were calm and the weather was just perfect (I’ve asked the weather gods for the exact same weather come Rottnest!) My running group and I started at Mends St, and then ran past the Swan Brewery, UWA, through Dalkeith, then back past Nedlands and back along the water to Mends St. We were lucky enough to witness some dolphins swimming in the Swan River along side us as well – the perks of living in Perth šŸ™‚ As usual our run was then finished off with a well deserved coffee at one of the local cafes and that made it official Ā – no moreĀ long runs!

I’m a week into my two weeks of tapering, in other words “taking it easy”. Flat running and a few less km’s… And a few extra carbs, henceĀ I’m notĀ complaining! šŸ˜‰

Can’t believe my first marathon is just next weekend! The nerves have definitely kicked in but they’re also mixed in with enormous amounts of excitement… However, there’s still some work to be done from now until then, and my main priority is making sure the legs are fully recovered, fresh, and ready to go come Sunday week.

Thanks to my AMAZINGĀ running group for their generous donations!! I can’t wait to celebrate with them all once I cross that finish line! There’s still time to donate so please if you have some spare time please check out my page below:


Until next weekend!

“A single run can take you many places” – Unknown