I’m Back!

Well it’s been 20 days since my last blog and I’m excited to say that I have some good news to share!

The foot is on the mend and the goals have been reset!

To recap on my last blog – scans had shown that I had a cyst and worn cartilage in my navicular bone. I was shown these scans and saw it all for myself, however it wasn’t in the area of where my pain was, so my physio and I both agreed it was worth getting a second opinion (the physio thinks the cyst has been there for years from my playing days).

To cut a long story short the sports doctor told me I actually had tenosynovitis – inflammation in the tendon sheath. It was exactly where my pain was and he too agreed that the cyst and worn cartilage was from years of pounding on the tennis courts. Phewww I thought!! But, what did this mean? Well with some rest (which I had already done) and with some strong ant-inflammatory’s, I could slowly get back into my running shoes (as long as I had no pain of course)! So within a few weeks I went from being told I couldn’t run long distances – to I could slowly get back into training. Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster!

Anyways, no time to dwell on the past… In the last two weeks the alarm has been going off at 5am, I’ve been back running with my group, and most importantly I’ve been running with no pain (success!).

The Perth marathon was last Sunday and I spent the whole morning down the foreshore cheering on my running buddies. It was the most amazing morning and such perfect conditions for a marathon. I must admit there was a part of me that found it hard not running the event, but seeing everyone run and being on the sidelines cheering made me even more motivated to get back into training and to reset my goals!

So what’s next? Well with a little influence from a so-called running buddy I have decided to run my first marathon at Rottnest – Sunday, October 25th. I plan to also run two half marathons prior to that in August – the Perth half and the City to Surf, which will give me a good lead up into the marathon. The Rottnest marathon won’t be a flat course – I’ve heard it has some stellar hills, so the City to Surf half will be perfect training as it has some super hills as well! Time to start building those legs, and calves!

I’m so excited to be back out running, and with a little bit more time to train, it allows my legs and feet to get used the load and build strength. I want to thank everyone for their support, especially to my running group buddies, and now it’s time to jump back on the horse and get training again.

With my fundraising on hold I’m excited to say that it’s back up and running, so if you can spare a moment please click on the link below and see what it’s all about.


I look forward to keeping you updated on my training and the countdown is back… 18 weeks and counting!

“It’s suppose to be hard… the hard is what makes it great” – Unknown 


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