This Wasn’t Part of the Plan

For the past four weeks I’ve tried everything I can to get myself back out running and prepared for the Perth Marathon – rest, ice, anti-inflammatory’s, physio, more rest, heel cups, foot inserts, change of running technique, more physio, calf raises, running on grass…etc etc etc… repeat x 10!

But it’s been in the last two weeks where reality has kicked in. The pain in my left foot unfortunately hasn’t improved and time is no longer my friend. In the past four weeks I haven’t been able to run more than 5km without pain – any more than that and the pain significantly increases to the point where I have to stop running.

I’m the type of the person that when I set my mind on something I have to give it my all, and I knew the longer this setback, the reality of running well (let alone running the Perth Marathon at all) was unlikely…

With time running out and no improvement in my foot my physio and I decided that it was time to get some scans…  (And here I was thinking that my days of scans and rehab were over! Never say never!) I had an MRI and a CT scan last week and even though I’m waiting for the CT results this is my understanding of what the MRI said (please note I am NO medical expert):

** I have a small cyst in my navicular bone due to worn down cartilage. Because of the worn down cartilage the synovial fluid around the joint leaks into my bone during impact – thus the formation of the cyst. The MRI showed a cyst and quite a lot of fluid around the area indicating a possible hairline fracture. Hence the CT scan was needed to determine this as well as the size of the cyst**

Again, let me repeat and say I am NO medical expert so the above may or may not have made sense to you. I’m still trying to get my head around it all and it’s hard to know whether the cyst is the actual cause of the pain. Hopefully the CT scan can shed some extra light on the situation.

As frustrating and as heartbreaking as this has been, I’ve made the decision, along with the team, to pull out of the Perth Marathon and put it on hold until I have complete clarity as to the cause of the pain in my foot. I’ve barely been able to complete a 10km run for three weeks, without major pain, so realistically I’m not sure how I’d be able to complete 42km… I’ll have all my results by the end of this week and no doubt I’ll sit down with my physio and together we’ll nut out a plan to move forward.

I can’t really explain how gutted and disappointed I am to have had to pull out of the Perth Marathon with only two weeks until the event. I was so excited to get out there and run for two causes that I’m very passionate about and to have to put it on hold has been really hard to swallow.

Guaranteed that I’ll be doing everything I can to get back out there and when I do cross that finish line it will be sweeter than ever. I have a commitment to the Court Talk and Murlpirrmarra team and to all the people that have donated to these two brilliant organisations. I promise to keep you updated with my progress and once I better understand the diagnosis of my foot I will ensure to set a new marathon goal.

Thanks to my running team for all their support and encouragement – I look forward to those 5am wake up calls again!

“A marathon is like life with its ups and downs, but once you’ve done it, you feel you can do anything.” – Anonymous 


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