A Small Bump in the Road

I’ve been procrastinating this blog for two weeks now – and to be honest I’ve had a pretty good reason as to why.

This by far has been the toughest two weeks of my training – not because of the km’s I’ve run, but rather from the km’s I haven’t run!

Towards the end of my 30km run two weeks ago I felt a pain gradually build in my left foot – yep my foot…story of my life really! I was at about the 26km mark when the pain first kicked… It was so slight but the longer we ran the more the pain increased. I was only 4km shy of completing my longest run EVER so there was no chance I was stopping then! I managed to push through the pain and complete the run… “yes!” I thought to myself!

As soon as I stopped running the pain completely subsided and my brain thought it was just this little niggle or cramp that would go away… I could walk with no pain so it mustn’t have been anything serious. You know that saying, ignorance is bliss? Yep, that was me!

I went home and did the precautionary ice, anti-inflammatory’s, voltaren, Sunday rest day, and was back ready for my running week Monday morning. What was suppose to be a hills session turned out to be 10 minutes of a warm-up jog and then I was back in my car driving home because that same pain in my foot was unbearable to run with. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, and with all the injuries I’ve endured over my playing career, I knew something wasn’t right.

During that week I saw the podiatrist and was recommended rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory’s. I was told it was inflammation in my post Tibula tendon and after a few days I was to try another run. I stuck to the plan, took a couple of days off and tried a run later that week. But to no avail my foot was still no good. I decided to take the rest of the week AND weekend off – thanks to a lot of convincing by my experienced running group.

A week of no running =  me being miserable, feeling sluggish, being out of routine, and most of all I missed my running group. Last week I followed up with my podiatrist but something was also telling me to get a second opinion. A runner from my group recommended a physio that she had been seeing for years for the same foot issue, so I thought I to had to get his opinion too!

To cut a long story short the physio told me that I have bruising of the bone and that I need to reduce the impact of my heel when running (that’s where the pain is). So he ordered new foot inserts, a heel cup for more cushioning, as well as some other toe pads to take pressure off my heel. I also had to change from running on hard surfaces to running on grass & the treadmill, and I can only now run on alternate days with cross training in between. It’s probably also worth mentioning that the physio couldn’t believe how weak my calves were for the amount of running I was doing (you learn something new everyday!). So part of my rehab, and I think for the rest of my running days, is to smash out the calf raises and build strength so that other areas of my feet aren’t overcompensating.

With only a short amount of time left until the marathon I have to be very specific with my training and so the physio and I have put together a week by week plan. From now on my training will consist of only 3 runs per week (sad I know) – this includes 2 x short runs (a 5km and a 10km) and a long run on the weekend. If all goes to plan then I will eventually bring back the hard surface running. And ideally I want to get one more 30km under my  belt before the marathon… Fingers crossed!

At the end of last week it’d meant I hadn’t run for 2 weeks – however I was pumping the weights in the gym and cross training, but let’s be honest, it’s not the same as running and getting a good sweat!

Not to worry though – the good news is that I have  back running 🙂 Just this past Saturday I completed a slow 10km on the treadmill which was positive, however challenging at the same time – more about this in my next blog! My calves have definitely not been happy campers.  Since my 10km on Saturday I have struggled to walk down the stairs, it’s quite a funny sight.

With this “little bump in the road” I’ve had to realistically reassess my running for the upcoming Perth Marathon. With only 4 weeks to go I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to reach my target running goal (I had a set time in mind). Rather I now have to get my head around “just finishing” the marathon rather than racing. I’ve been told that for a first marathon this is actually the right mindset to have, however being the competitive individual I am, I can’t help but hide my disappointment. But as i’ve learnt, and have been told, every runner goes through similar setbacks so I’ve told myself to just suck it up and get on with it!

I hope you can now understand my procrastination in writing this blog… It’s not the best nor the most inspiring news I wanted to share. However, for anyone wanting to run a marathon, training for a marathon, or experiencing a similar setback –  just know it’s part of the process and you will get through it!

4 weeks – that’s all there is to go… That means there’s only 4 more weeks to keep those donations coming!


I hope to share some more enlightening news with you next week. Until next time, keep running and keep enjoying the journey!

“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” ~ Dean Karnazes


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