Welcome to the 30 Club!

Another week down and a total of 66.34km in my legs – my biggest week so far!

This was by far my toughest running week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, plus my LONGEST run on Saturday to date… 30km!! (Did I mentioned a 4.20am wake up call on Saturday morning, for a 5am start?)

The one session that got me was Tuesday morning Yasso’s… As mentioned last week its a combination of 800m sprints followed by a 400m recovery (in the same time it takes to complete the 800m, which is almost walking pace). I was averaging my 800m sprints between 3:10-3:26 (for some reason the more yasso’s I ran the faster I got… Maybe it was because I could see light at the end of the tunnel!) and we completed 10x sets that morning. Amazing how quickly 10km can go! I probably didn’t realise how heavy my legs were until my run the next morning, and then they pretty much stayed heavy the whole week. But I guess that’s the whole point – to learn to keep running on tired legs!

My other little victory last week was my 30km run… Funny, I actually started to mentally prepare for this a couple of days prior, almost like I was competing in a tennis tournament… it’s all I could think about! We started at 5am and finished up around 8am (we took a couple of pit-stops for Gu Gels and water) and I’m not going to lie – I found the last few km’s quite challenging. However, whenever you get to that point its all about just getting it done and thanks to my fellow running buddies for pushing me through it. Scary to think I was only a shy 12km of running a marathon! Yikes! Still a long way to go though…

Well here’s what my big running week looked liked:

Monday – 10.26km (Hills)

Tuesday – 10km (10 x Yasso’s)

Wednesday – 7.81km (flat run)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 8.27km (flat run)

Saturday – 30km

Sunday – Rest/Sleep/Eat/Repeat

Only six weeks to go which means only four more weeks of training before two weeks of tapering…

Thanks to all those that have donated thus far. Please keep them coming! Until next week!


“Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet” – Doris Brown Heritage

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