A Mixture of Everything

Half a week spent running in Melbourne. Half a week spent running in Perth. Not a bad combination!

Last week was a mixture of everything – a Monday afternoon run (something I’m not used to but this was purely because I finished work at 4am and there was no way I was running a 10km that morning), Tuesday morning Yasso’s (a new running session which will now play a role in my running program each week), a couple of lonely runs, a couple of group runs, and then a few “lighter” but still longer runs at the end of the week just to freshen up for a big running week this week, yikes!

For anyone wondering what Yasso’s are? Yep, that was me until about a week ago – it’s a combination of 800m sprints with 400m recovery. The goal is to complete the 800m within 3:10-3:30mins (or quicker) with a 400m recovery at the same it took you to complete the 800m. By no means is it an easy session, and it really gets the jelly in the legs! (Last week I completed 6x reps and will slowly build on that each week). This means another 5am alarm going off on Tuesday mornings!!

I’m now back into my running routine and loving it. As much as I loved being in Melbourne it’s nice to be back into the swing of things. Saturday morning was a great run with the group –  just a casual 20km followed by coffee and a chit-chat at the local farmers market.

Sometimes a change of scenery is what one needs, but like the saying goes “there’s no place like home”.

Things I won’t miss about being away:

1) Running the Tan – As much as I love running this track with loads of other runners around, I think I slightly overdosed on it. I’ll have to be a little more creative next time!

2) Afternoon Runs – I much prefer running in the mornings

3) Being out of Routine – at the end of the day we are creatures of habit!

Things I’m grateful to be back for:

1) Sleeping in my own bed

2) Back running with my group

3) 27C and 28C weather – it’s winter and we’re still getting this kind of weather in Perth, bonus!

This week will sure be a test with the added Yasso’s and our longest run on Saturday to date (I think we have 28-30km on the cards)… Can’t wait to tally up the km’s at the end of the week!

There’s only 7 weeks to go so please keep those donations coming!


“A runner must run with dreams in his heart” – Emil Zatopek

The Tan Track, Melbourne.

The Tan Track, Melbourne.

The Tan Track, 3.8km.

The Tan Track, 3.8km.


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