Gadgets & Tips

Want to get really specific about your training and running? What to improve your split times and recovery? Well, as promised at the start of the week, I’ve provided a few tips and gadgets below that I’ve found work for me and which I’ve been using on a consistent basis. Now, the below can apply to anyone and everyone, but you really have to find what works for you. Remember, what might work for some may not necessarily work for others!

1) Running Watch

Everyone in my running group has one! I felt so out of the loop the first day I joined my group but TRUST me you’ll want to get one of these! There’s a whole bunch of different brands out there (so again it’s your choice) but I chose the Garmin  Forerunner 10. It tracks distance, pace, calories, identifies personal records, has a virtual pacer that compares current pace to target, has a rechargeable battery, and you can upload it to your computer and see and do all sorts of things (see your run on a map, get more detail on each km, share it with friends) and the list goes on… It’s definitely worth the investment and you’ll find you’ll never want to run without it!


2) Energy Gels

This, I can say, is really an individual preference. I starting using Gu Gel years ago during my college years (by the way they’re made in Berkeley, whoop whoop!) and found they worked for me. I usually only take them on my longer runs, one every 10km, and it just helps sustain energy demands. If your stomach can’t handle these there is a range of other different gels, chews, or energy drinks as well as many other different brands. When it comes to Gu Gel flavours – my favourite is Vanilla Bean and I always get it with caffeine (just to get that little extra kick)!


3) Foam Roller

My least favourite part about training! The more km’s run the tighter the quads, IT bands, and glutes! The worst for me are the IT bands and there’s been many times I’ve found myself curse at the stupid blue thing. But in saying that, as much as it hurts, it’s really helped keep the body in tact and help me back up my runs. I’ve used the tennis ball on the hips a few times as well – not fun either.


4) Nutrition

This is something I’m still trying to work out! I’m no nutritionist but from what I’ve read and been told, when endurance training, it’s way more beneficial to be eating more protein (and healthy fats) than carbs. We can only store a limited amount of carbs in our bodies as compared to an unlimited supply of fat. Regardless of our body fat percentage, we have enough fat to fuel exercise lasting for many hours. So for me, I’ve cut back on the carbs and upped the protein and healthy fats (aka avocados!). in saying that though, I do up the carbs the night before my long runs – slightly confusing I know, but the pro’s have told me, so they have to be right! Right?


Well there you have it – BB’s tips for the day. Stay tuned for my Week 3 update, I’ll have some exciting news to fill you in on!

Until next time please keep those donations coming through!

“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”


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