Week 2 – Stick To What You Know

Another week down and a few added kilometres in the legs…

Last week I mentioned my first rookie mistake as an amateur runner… I thought it’d be fitting to share this with you now as the earlier you can learn from my mistake the more appreciative your feet will be!

Before I started training a few weeks ago I was due for a new pair of running shoes – so, as you do, I jumped onto google and typed “best shoes for marathon running”… After a little googling and research I found myself purchasing these new running shoes which I thought would make me run sub 4-minute km’s. They were light, bright, and most importantly it’s what the top marathon runners were wearing so I had to have a pair myself! Unfortunately what might work for some does’t necessarily work for others. After a couple of long running sessions I started to notice my feet pull up sore and with the injuries I’ve sustained over the years I took this as a warning sign. However, I thought I’d give the shoes a bit more of a chance and pushed through a few more training sessions. Clearly my feet weren’t happy campers as the soreness was still lingering around, so to my dismay, I had to let the Adidas Boost runners go. The Boost’s got downgraded into the “casual” pile and I went back out and purchased myself the old faithful Asics “Nimbus” (I have a neutral foot but there are a range of styles which cater to all so its important to know what kind of arch you have). Even though the Asics aren’t as light, they do have a lot more cushioning and support and the most important thing is that I’ve never had an issue running in them. So lesson 101A of running your first marathon – save yourself some money and go out and buy yourself some running shoes that your feet are actually familiar and comfortable with!

Training this week was tough! It was my first real challenge running on tired legs and on top of that I had to complete three running sessions on my own thanks to the Easter break (I now realise what they mean when they say once you join a running group you never end up wanting to run on you own!). I spent the long weekend in Bridgetown with family which meant no flat running – rather up and down hills and running through rocky trails. It was back to just me and my ipod… fun fun! Here’s a glimpse of what this past week looked like:

Monday – 9km of hills

Tuesday – Rest/Light Gym


AM: 8km Pyramids (mix of 500m, 800m, 1km, & 2km runs) with burpees in-between each set

PM: 8km run (1 minute slower than race pace).

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 10km trail run

Saturday – 18km trail/road run

Sunday – Rest/Recovery

Total km’s run: 53km

This week definitely presented itself with its challenges – I experienced running on heavy and empty legs, had to back up a tough morning session with an afternoon run, and then had to run 18km solo though an unknown trail and road which really tested the mental toughness! Lets just say I’m looking forward to getting back to my running group this week!

Well there you have it… two weeks down and ten to go. You know your legs are starting to feel it when you find yourself sleeping in your skins! Oh well, anything to help recover those legs! This week I’ll be posting a few other tips and gadgets that I’ve learnt along the way so stay tuned in for that (there’s been no other rookie mistakes… yet!).

For now though grab yourself some comfy runners, join a running group, and remember to please keep your donations coming through!


“Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it’s all about” – PattiSue Plumer



What’s Easter without Hot Cross Buns?


Beautiful morning run in Bridgetown.

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